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  2. About us

    Professional R&D team

    ★R&D member graduated from famous university at home and abroad.They have rich experience and can develop different level’s formula.

    ★cooperate with international famous cosmetic companies and institutions for a long time. 

    ★we can do all kinds of test including safety test,skin feeling test,product’s stability test,ingredient test,preservative system test etc.

    Big production capacity

    ★more than 20,000 square meters’plant which is build according to GMPC,FDA level

    ★8 production lines and GMP 100,000 factory rooms,different size and different type emulsification machine&stir machine which are imported from Germany and Japan

    ★equipped with ultraviolet ray and ozone disinfection system;use automatic production line to reduce human touch.

    ★annual production:cream/lotion:1200 tons per year;liquid type:5000 tons per year. Filling capacity:50 millions pcs per year.

    High quality control 

    ★ our factory is authorized by authoritative organization,control the production according to GMPC,FDA,ISO standard.

    ★equipped with different test room including microorganism test room,biochemical test room etc;import most advanced test equipment and use newest test technology for insure high quality product.

    ★during development,do 168 time’s destructive test and 72 hours cross destructive test continuously to insure product’s stability.

    ★ before mass production,do the clinical test to evaluate the safety and efficacy.

    ★for package material,we do the strict disinfection and use different disinfection ways such as ozone disinfection.